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Learn the website secrets of the top pro wedding photographers

We researched some of the best wedding photographers in the world, to see who’s websites were the best. These photographers not only had the best sites, but they managed to be booked solid for years in advance and could pretty much name their price.

What was their secret? And what made their websites so special?

After carrying out an in-depth study, we discovered that they all use 8 specific tactics on their websites to position themselves at the top end of the market and leave people dying to get them to shoot their wedding.

These 8 secrets are as follows:

  1. Personal Brand is Key – Having professionally taken photos, information on their story and their unique style all help the professional photographers stand out.
  2. Words are (almost) as important as pictures – All of the photographers use words to explain their value, tell their story, position them as the expert and compel the visitor to get in touch.
  3. Quickly say who you are and how you can help – Time is precious! Within three sentences say who you are, what service you offer, who it’s for and why should a client choose you.
  4. Bring people along on your mission – People love to be part of a bigger mission. How are you making the world better in your own way?
  5. Show your credentials – Prove your credentials with testimonials, publications you have been featured in and awards you have won.
  6. You don’t need a portfolio on your home page – None of the professional photographers has a portfolio on their home page. Have one if it makes sense but as long as it doesn’t detract from the other secrets.
  7. Simplicity is Elegance – All of the pro websites have simple layouts, a small number of fonts and very few colours on their sites.
  8. Beautiful People and Stunning Locations – The top photographers use beautiful locations and people to sell an aspirational lifestyle.

If you are interested to start applying some of these ‘secrets’ to your own site, make sure to check out our free eBook – The 8 Secrets of Pro Wedding Photographer’s Websites.

This includes examples of the best wedding sites in the industry, explains the 8 secrets in more detail and even includes a checklist so you can easily apply each one to your own site.

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