Exposuremachine is a unique photography website design agency born to create beautiful and effective websites that help photographers build and establish a career in the industry they love.

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A pursuit for creativity, learning and technology led me to studying web design at university. Doing web design, graphic design and digital marketing for an IT consultancy and freelance design work for several years was a great learning ground but I knew I could help people on a bigger scale. 

After helping my wife leave her office job to realise her passion by assisting with the web design and SEO side of her business, I was confident that I could help many more.

So I launched Exposuremachine to help photographers build profitable, successful careers in the industry they love.



What's in a name?

Exposuremachine literally means reaching more people in the most effective way possible.
It is our entire ethos summed up in one word.

The definition of Exposure is to increase attention. Exposure, of course is also used in photography to describe both a single photograph and how much light an image has been subjected to. We believe that elegant design is vital but only half the story. Effective photography web design should also work towards a defined end goal, such as lead generation, brand recognition or sales.

Machine is defined as several moving parts working seamlessly to achieve a particular type of work. This may be contrarian to some but we believe that the key to producing great websites is by following a clear, repeatable process. A process that doesn’t dampen inspiration and creativity but enliven it.



Elegance - creating beautiful websites built with an end result to be proud of is at the core of our agency.

Support - we are more than just selling a service, the idea is to support you in building your business.

Vision - we look beyond the brief to help you dream bigger and bolder with an innovative approach that will help over the long term.

Vitality - it is vital that we offer our own creative solutions and help energise our clients with an infectious passion for a job we love.

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Our vision is to be able to help 1000 people realise their passion to make a full time and successful career in photography.

Are you ready to take your website to the next level?