Get More Enquiries With Call-To-Actions

Want more enquiries? Start asking for them.

Why aren’t more people getting in touch? You’re not asking them to.

A call to action (or CTA) is as it sounds. It is asking someone to do something. As simple as that. You would assume this be to be a fundamental step in any marketing effort. However, it is staggering how many people are guilty of not having a clear CTA in their marketing.

Just because you are a photographer, this doesn’t mean you can ignore having a call to action in your marketing and selling.

Make the next action crystal clear to your potential clients, don’t make them guess.

A clear CTA lends itself very well to your website but don’t forget to include it within your social media (when appropriate) and when exhibiting at events as well.

When crafting your call to action, think about the following questions:

A) What you would like your prospect to do
B) When you would like them to do it
C) How you would like them to do it

So, for instance, “enter your email now to book your discounted shoot (offer valid for 7 days)” is a much better call to action than “get in touch” or “find out more”.

Try incorporating clear calls to action in your marketing today and see how it immediately improves the number of leads you get.